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You Could Never Get Close to Me
You could never get close to me, could never see the things I see
You always seem to push me away, I was a kid I just wanted to play
Like most kids, I just wanted some fun
Like maybe, playing with you in the sun
But if we sun, we'd have some fun
And that's one thing we could never have

You could never get close to me, but still you said: "Be the best you can be!"
You rarely gave me the time of day, so I wondered, was I in your way?
As I got older, I thought we might talk
Or maybe, we could go for a walk
But if we walk, we'd have to talk
And that's the one thing we could never do

I know we've made some progress, who knows how far we will go
You always say you love me, but still it's hard for you to show
Being yourself was hard enough for you to be
But the one thing that I'm grateful for, is you let me be just me

Will you ever be close to me?
You're still too far, so far.......away - SOLO

You could never get close to me, could never see the things I see
Still there's something I wish you would do, and just know I'll be there for you
If you could somehow just say how you feel
That's the only way you'll begin to reveal
And when you reveal, how you feel
It might bring us closer
If it brings us closer, then I'd know how much you love me

I just wish that you would hold my hand
I just want you to be my old man
Short Song Description:
A ballad about the relationship between a father and son, as seen through the eyes of the son.
Lyric Credits: Jogo Jose Gomez
Music Credits: Jogo Jose Gomez
Performance Credits: Jogo Jose Gomez
Song Length: 5:44
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal